How to clean glue stains out of your carpet?

how to clean glue stains

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Glue is a very bad thing, when it comes to carpet stains. But, meanwhile, it is a very common issue that can happen to your rug. We are here to offer you though the most efficient natural and homemade solutions to get rid of any glue stains on the carpet. By reading the following instructions you will be finally able to eliminate adhesive from your favorite rug either at home, or in your own office, where glue is a common thing that might dirt your working environment.

Here is the first method to remove glue stains out of your carpet

As we have already told you we have few solutions for you, so you can try all of them. Sometimes, a method cannot work as effectively as another due to the differences in the carpet materials. The following method, though, is more of a universal cleaning approach, so probably it will help you:

  • Scrape off the glue with knife.
  • If it is not dried yet, you can do it with a clean towel or toilet paper
  • Then, apply a little bit salt and use the vacuum cleaner to remove all the pieces alongside with the glue

Here is one more chance for you to get rid of glue stains from a carpet

And this is the second method we have for you to remove adhesive from your rug. Make sure you try it, too, in case the cleaning method from above just does not work for you:

  • If the glue has been split right away, you are more likely to make it with this cleaning approach
  • What you have to do is to scrape gently with towel all the wet glue
  • Maybe, part of the adhesive is now sticking and drying, so for it use a fork or a knife to remove it as soon as possible
  • And now the most important part of this cleaning method – get some anti-greasing derergent, which is very good against sticky stains. It will scrape off the rest of the glue and will make the spot just go away!

The final cleaning approach into removing glue stains from a carpet!

Ok, guys, if everything from above juts did not work for you, then it is high time for you trying your last chance. We will show you one more working method that helps with glue stains on a carpet. Check it out carefully and on mandatory try it:

  • Find a very thing cloth, but not toilet paper or something you really love. It must be a piece of a clothing item or something you will never use again or something you will give up from in the sake of your carpet
  • Now apply the cloth right on the stain
  • Heat up your iron or your hair straightener up to maximum power
  • Start ironing the cloth, which covers the glue stain on the carpet
  • Do the ironing for at least 4 minutes
  • Now, take the cloth away and see – there is no glue anymore!
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