10 Efficient Mattress Cleaning Tips

effective mattress cleaning london

The mattress can provide you with a comfortable and quality sleep. But over time, you might not feel that same comfort on it as before because of dirt. Dust and pollutants, which are a possible cause of skin irritation and allergies, can accumulate in it, too. READ MORE

How To Clean Your Carpet Edges
how to clean carpet edgesWondering what are those dark edges on your carpet? Well, this is the dirt you usually forget to take under consideration, when you decide to clean the carpet! But just like it`s important to clean the floor beyond the carpet, it`s also important to reach those places – the dark corners.t`s not easy to clean your carpet edges, but with our specially tailored tips today you`ll be able to deal with this task as it is as easy as a childish game. READ MORE

How To Clean Oil Stains Out Of Your Carpet
how to clean oil stainsOily stains can really suck. They are always accidental and they are never simple to be removed. Moreover – when it comes to your carpet, it might be a little bit risky to use whatever we have at hand for cleansing. Even the best cleaning product might be a threaten for a carpet – especially if it is 100% natural, delicate, decorative, antique or hand-knotted. Though, today`s recipes we`ve got for you are all risk-free for oily stain removal of a carpet. READ MORE

How To Clean Glue Stains Out Of Your Carpet
how to clean glue stainsGlue is a very bad thing, when it comes to carpet stains. Meanwhile, it is a very common issue that can happen to your rug. We are here to offer you though the most efficient natural and homemade solutions to get rid of any glue stains on the carpet. By reading the following tips you will be finally able to eliminate adhesive from your favorite rug either at home, or in your own office, where glue is a common thing that might dirt your working environment. READ MORE

The Multiple Uses Of Vaseline For Your Home 
vaseline cleaning tipsDid you know that you can use Vaseline petroleum jelly not only to deal with chapped lips and for dry hands, but for an unbelievably large number of useful tasks in your home and for your personal care. Vaseline is an excellent substitute for wood polish – it will make your wooden furniture shine and will protect it from scratches. Also, applied on leather sofas or armchairs, the Vaseline will also act as a protective layer to the leather upholstery. READ MORE

New Self-Washing Windows Will Cut Our Heating Bills Down By 40%
windows cleaningNews about a new project developed by the scientists in the University College of London could once and for all relief us from the tedious task of washing windows and wiping the window panes to keep them clean and dry. The “smart window” is made of a microstructure engraved in the windows, based on the structure of the eyes of moths. These smart windows will clean themselves, and will be ultra-resistant to water, so any drops of rain or water will roll off the panes in spherical droplets leaving no moisture or staining. READ MORE

How To Clean Dog Poo Out Of Your Carpet
how to remove dog poo off the carpetWhen it comes to taking care of a dog, it`s not only about the fun part – going on a walk together, playing, teaching it to do different tricks and etc. There are also issues you will face all along your way to raising a good doggy – your best friend. Take the dog poo stains, for instance. Usually, they appear on the carpet and usually dog owners get really pissed off about them. But they should not. Because cleaning dog poo stains out of a carpet actually can be really easy and fast. We are about to prove you this now. READ MORE

How To Clean Your Carpets From Fleas
how to remove fleas off your carpetFleas can be a real disaster at home and for your pet. But what fleas love, though, is your domestic carpet. They fully enjoy hiding in it once they enter it. On the other side, once a single flea comes in your house, expect a huge invasion. Once day you will just see them all over your property. What you can do is to call the pest control agency or to act smartly and immediately – on your own. Here are our personal tips for your war against the fleas in your carpet. READ MORE

How To Clean Dirt Stains Off Carpet
clean dirt off your carpetUnless you have adapted an absolute and strict no-shoe and no-dirty paws policy for your home, you are bound to get dirt on your carpets, rugs and hard floors. While the floors can be swept and mopped, the answer to the question about removing dirt stains from a carpet or rug is a bit more complicated. The reason for this is that dirt stains can consist of a number of different nasty components. They are also called “combination stains” because of this. The dirt spread on your carpet can contain ordinary soil as well as nasty stuff such as proteins, feces and other organic matter, grease, etc. READ MORE

How To Clean Kilim Carpet
clean kilim carpetKilim is a special type of a carpet we usually know from Eastern Europe and Asia. It is known as a hand-made decorative rug with a beautiful look and amazing warm surface. In most cases, a kilim carpet is made of natural materials and fibers. This makes it even more beautiful, but also more difficult to be maintained. The thing is that many of you common carpet cleaning actions should be avoided, permanently excluded or reduced to minimum. Meanwhile, it is essential for you to get to know the basics in taking care of kilim carpet. This is our topic today! READ MORE

How To Clean Berber Rug Carpet
clean berber rug carpetWhether you are already an owner of a berber rug carpet at home, or you a considering installing such, there are some things we would like to tell you. First of all, good for you – it is a really great interior design decision with a nice stylish appearance and amazing practical qualities. Still, every good thing has a price. So does the berber rug carpet! And when it comes to its price, it is not as high as the efforts you need to make to keep it fresh, clean, soft and bright. Here are some useful tips about the berber rug carpet maintenance. READ MORE

How To Clean Your Bathroom
bathroom cleaning tipsCleaning the bathroom is one of the cleaning tasks which requires a lot of effort, scrubbing and time. There are some steps you can take to avoid certain messes and to increase the time period between the deep cleanings of your bathroom.

1. Always use a squeegee to wipe the shower walls after you are done with your shower.This will reduce the accumulation of soap scum and other residue on them. READ MORE

How To Clean A Large House
large house cleaning tipsThere is no doubt that it is really nice to have a large house, but when it comes to cleaning it and keeping it clean things may not be so clean-cut. The truth is, that unless you have a professional cleaner doing the cleaning for you, cleaning an entire big house could be overwhelming. This is why, it is absolutely necessary to create a cleaning plan and schedule, so that you get all the cleaning done, but not necessarily at once. You can follow your list of cleaning chores and check them out once they are done. This will keep you motivated and also will help you remember all the places and things you need to clean. READ MORE

How To Sterilise Your Home
If someone is sick at home, or your pet has a flee infestation, or just for safety’s sake, you will need to sterilize your home, in order to kill of the bacteria and other harmful organisms which threaten your health. Here are some useful tips on how to sterilize your home.

1. First of all prioritize which areas of your home are more prone to germ infestations and bacteria growth, and which are of lower and lowest risk. READ MORE

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