How To Clean A Large House

large house cleaning tips

Author: Tim Evanson | Attribution parties: Flickr | Source

There is no doubt that it is really nice to have a large house, but when it comes to cleaning it and keeping it clean things may not be so clean-cut.
The truth is, that unless you have a professional cleaner doing the cleaning for you, cleaning an entire big house could be overwhelming. This is why, it is absolutely necessary to create a cleaning plan and schedule, so that you get all the cleaning done, but not necessarily at once.
You can follow your list of cleaning chores and check them out once they are done. This will keep you motivated and also will help you remember all the places and things you need to clean. You can create your monthly calendar with all the cleaning chores and other home maintenance tasks which need to be completed market in it. It is a good idea to plan the actual time you need to spend on each task, as well as who in the household is responsible for what. At the end of the month you can check whether all tasks are completed and if anything else needs to be added or changed in your next cleaning plan.

Here are some examples of tasks to include in your cleaning schedule for your big house:

  1. Clean the surfaces of the living room (dusting, vacuuming, sweeping, wiping)
  2. Clean the surfaces in the bedrooms (pick up items, vacuum, mop, dusting)
  3. Clean the surfaces of the kitchen (remove clutter, vacuum, mop, wipe countertops)
  4. Clean bathrooms (wash sink, toilet bowl, bathtub, shower cabin and floor)
  5. Sweep or vacuum all floors in the house
  6. Consider high-pressure washers for your hard floors
  7. Clean any extra rooms
  8. Deep clean living room (dust everywhere, clean all items, art, others)
  9. Deep clean bedrooms (clean light switches, on top of doors and frames, artwork, arrange drawers and closet)
  10. Clean all interior windows
  11. Clean and arrange closets
  12. Clean all electronics (remote controls, phones, joysticks, consoles, keyboards, etc.), clean all light switches, door knobs, drawer and cupboard handles
  13. Deep clean the kitchen (including taking out everything from cupboards and fridge, clean oven, cooktop, microwave, dishwasher, coffee maker etc.)
  14. Deep cleaning bathrooms (tiles, grout, mirrors, shower walls, curtain, bathtub, walls, floor, etc.)
  15. Clean and sweep hallway, entrance, porch, balcony
  16. Change and wash all bedroom linen, towels, including kitchen towels

Of course, depending on the number of rooms, the size of your house, the number of family members and pets, the tasks can be divided in smaller tasks, or combined. The best part is that you can pick your own pace and arrange the tasks in accordance to your own priorities.

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