Efficient After Builders Cleaning in London

after builders cleaning services in LondonJust finished renovating your new flat in London and can’t wait to move in? Make sure it is all cleaned and sanitised, so it is safe for you and your family to live in. You can take a few days off work and spend them scrubbing, washing and cleaning. But here is a better idea – why not just call SATSU Ltd. to do the entire after builders cleaning for you?
You can book the after builders cleaners for as many hours as you want, and have them perform all the cleaning tasks you want, including: waste removal, deep cleaning of just about every item, floor and premise in your house, patio and driveway washing, professional window cleaning.

  • Hourly based service
  • Trusted, vetted and trained cleaners
  • Speedy service which will get everything sparkling clean ASAP
  • Available 7 days a week, weekends and bank holidays
  • Early booking or combined cleaning booking comes with big discounts

Call 020 3746 6887 or send an online request to get a free quote and information about available discounts for the after builders and other cleaning and removal services provided from our company!

Certified After Builders Cleaners in London

For years SATSU Ltd. has been cleaning the homes, gardens and offices of the people in London. The after builders cleaners are well-trained and experienced. The quality control of the services provided is continuous and serious. Only the most efficient, professional and safe cleaning solutions and products and the latest innovations in the cleaning technologies are used for the cleaning tasks. The percentage of the returning and happy customers is constantly growing.

Top-Notch After Builders Cleaning Services

The after builders cleaning services offered are hourly based. The operating procedures for these tasks are designed in a way as to provide very speedy and highly efficient cleaning results. The cleaners are all trained and experienced, so they can deal with about any cleaning task required following renovation, refurbishing and construction work done indoors or outside. The customers can choose the number of hours they want to hire the cleaners for, as well as the specific cleaning or removal tasks they want done with a higher priority.

  • After renovation cleaning – Following a renovation the premises will receive thorough dusting and washing, so that everything including the air is clean and healthy. Some deep cleaning of skirting boards, walls, tiles, carpets and upholstery can be provided by the cleaners. They can also professionally wash the windows and even jet wash your patio, driveway and garden furniture.
  • After refurbishment cleaning – The cleaning team can remove any builders waste left over from the refurbishment work. They can deep clean the refurbished area or the entire home, depending on the hours booked, as well as the request of the customer. Given enough time, the cleaning team can perform a full cleaning – one service which does it all and leaves the home and outdoor space perfectly clean and impeccable.

So, decide which cleaning tasks you need and book your after builders cleaning service today. You can get some help from our customer assistants and discuss with them your precise cleaning needs.

Book Your After Builders Cleaning Experts

Booking the after builders or other cleaning and removal services can easily be done by calling the customer help line 020 3746 6887 or by using the simple online booking form. The booking can be done for as many hours as you need, for any day you prefer.
Same day booking is available as well, for those with urgent need of full, deep cleaning.

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