Professional Gardening Services in London

gardening services in LondonThinking about inviting your colleagues from work to a Sunday barbecue party in your backyard? Now is the time to contact SATSU Ltd. to get your outdoor space in perfect shape in no time at all. The professional gardeners can: clear the weeds, plant, arrange and trim plants, mow the lawn, rake off and remove all leaves and branches, clean up and throw out all rubbish and bio waste from the yard, clean up your gutters and jet wash your driveway, patio and even the garden furniture.

  • Booking combined services leads to big discounts
  • Same day (emergency) booking available
  • Fully vetted, and well-trained gardening staff
  • Safe and eco-friendly solutions used only

There is no doubt, that these professional gardeners can get your garden into top shape just for a few hours. Call 020 3746 6887 or fill out the online form now to find out what the prices and the available discounts are.

Trained Gardeners For Your Property

Our company is a certified top quality gardening services provider for residents and enterprises in London. The gardening staff is thoroughly trained, well equipped and experienced enough to provide a top notch job. They will come to your property in a bad weather too.
The percentage of regular and returning customers is constantly growing because of the affordable prices and the high-quality of the services provided.

Affordable Gardening Services

The company offers a wide range of gardening services, so that every customer receives the exact service they need. The gardeners are experienced and well trained, and will use their gardening and creative skills when organising, trimming and arranging your outdoor green space.

  • Garden leaf clearance – This service includes the gathering and disposal of all fallen leaves, branches, flower and unwanted plants from the garden. The gardeners can even clean your pond.
  • Lawn mowing and care – You will get your lawn mowed evenly and beautifully in no time at all. The gardeners can water it, fertilise it, and even remove and replace any damaged patches. When they are done you will end up with an impeccable green lawn.
  • Garden waste clearance – The company offers quick and efficient cleaning of the outdoor space. The team will clean and dispose of any bio and other waste from the garden and will dispose of it, in accordance to all local and national rules and regulations.
  • Gutter cleaning – The gutters will be cleaned from any leaves or other residue which if left uncleaned could cause a serious clogging problem.
  • Jet washing patios and driveways – You can get your outdoor space washed out from any algae, mildew, dirt and any residue with the help of a powerful and yet safe jet washing system. Even your garden furniture can be washed with it.

Waste no more time, and book your gardening service now at 020 3746 6887 or through the booking form right away, so that you can enjoy looking at and spending time in your beautifully maintained and arranged, clean garden.

Book You Professional Gardeners in London

Booking can be done at any time of the day or night. The customer care service is available, so you will receive a written confirmation for your booking very promptly. Booking more than one service or booking regular gardening services for your outdoor space will get you some very nice discounts.

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