The multiple uses of vaseline for your home and for every day

vaseline cleaning tips

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Did you know that you can use Vaseline petroleum jelly not only to deal with chapped lips and for dry hands, but for an unbelievably large number of useful tasks in your home and for your personal care.

  • Vaseline is an excellent substitute for wood polish – it will make your wooden furniture shine and will protect it from scratches.
  • Also, applied on leather sofas or armchairs, the Vaseline will also act as a protective layer to the leather upholstery.
  • If you have annoying squeaky doors or gates – use a bit of Vaseline to the hinge, and voilà – the squeak will be gone.
  • If your window frames, or the runners of your drawers keep sticking and making their opening difficult, once again apply some Vaseline on them, and they will open and close without any effort.
  • The same goes for a keyhole which sticks – just rub some Vaseline on the key before using it.
  • If your child has practiced its drawing skills with crayons on your nicely painted walls at home, rub the drawing with a bit of Vaseline for easier washing.
  • Applying a layer of Vaseline to the faucets and taps in the bathroom and let it sit for a few minutes – after that you can wipe off all soap residues and other filth easily.
  • Vaseline is very useful for unsticking zippers as well.
  • Vaseline applied to the seals of the fried will help keep the grime and residue away.
  • Smearing just a tiny bit of Vaseline to the base of your lightbulb before screwing it into place will make unscrewing it later much easier.
  • Apply some Vaseline to remove chewing gum stuck to your wooden furniture. Apply it until the stuck gum starts breaking and falling off.
  • You can use Vaseline to clean grease from your hands more efficiently, if you apply it on the greasy hands before proceeding to wash them.
  • Vaseline is great for buffing shoes as well.
  • Reduce the risk of dying your forehead or ears when you are dying your hair at home by smearing Vaseline on the hairline and the ears, so the dye can’t reach into the skin and colour it. The same goes when applying nail polish – you can rub your fingers around the nails with Vaseline to keep the nail polishing from colouring the surrounding skin too. Use a tiny bit of Vaseline to rub on your teeth to keep your lipstick from staining them in the worst possible moment ever.
  • Vaseline is a great alternative to hair wax and is great for taming eyebrows and forming and styling mustaches too.
  • For further hair care benefits – using just a tiny bit of Vaseline rubbed into your hands and applied to frizzy hair will help de-frizz it.
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