How to clean your bathroom

bathroom cleaning tips

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Cleaning the bathroom is one of the cleaning tasks which requires a lot of effort, scrubbing and time.  There are some steps you can take to avoid certain messes and to increase the time period between the deep cleanings of your bathroom.

1. Always use a squeegee to wipe the shower walls after you are done with your shower.  This will reduce the accumulation of soap scum and other residue on them.

2. When you are done with your shower, close the shower curtain, so that the moisture doesn’t get into the folds.

3. Hang your wet or damp towels and bathrobes on a couple of hooks or hang them on drying rods instead of placing them back on their hook in the bathroom, so that you reduce the risk of developing mold and mildew from the dampness.

4. Allow for appropriate air circulation in your bathroom, so that the moisture and thus the mold and mildew development is under control. This means keeping the window open, or always using the ventilation fan when showering or taking a bath, as well as for at least 30 minutes after that.  If the bathroom is too damp and prone to mildew and mold, you can get a dehumidifier.

5. After using oily moisturizers and washing products, make sure you clean the surface where they were sitting to prevent those unsightly bathtub rings.

6. Wipe and dry off your sink after you use it, so that you avoid the accumulation of scum, residue, etc.  You can use a water and white vinegar solution in a spray bottle to spray the sink after use and wipe it off.  This is an excellent, cheap, natural and very efficient cleaning and disinfecting solution.

7. Take care to prevent clogged drains, by periodically pouring ½ cup of baking soda and following it up with ½ cup of vinegar and letting it sit for a while. This will cause a chemical reaction and foaming up.  Pour some boiling water in the drain to clean out the residue. Performing this on a monthly basis will help keep your drains stay nice and clean.

8. Take care of the grout between the tiles in your bathroom, and help prevent the growth of mildew and the accumulation of scum and oils from soap, dirt and various conditioners and shampoos. This means spraying it and cleaning it with a solution made of 10:1 water and bleach and a brush with soft brittles.


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