How to clean dog poo out of your carpet?

how to remove dog poo off the carpet

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When it comes to taking care of a dog, it`s not only about the fun part – going on a walk together, playing, teaching it to do different tricks and etc. There are also issues you will face all along your way to raising a good doggy – your best friend. Take the dog poo stains, for instance. Usually, they appear on the carpet and usually dog owners get really pissed off about them. But they should not. Because cleaning dog poo stains out of a carpet actually can be really easy and fast. We are about to prove you this now…

Some preliminary preparation for the poo stain removal of a carpet

Before heading to the active part of the carpet cleaning process, you will have to pre-treat the perimeter. It is essential to do the following steps in advance, so the stain will indeed get out. Here is how to start, when you see a poo stain from a dog on your carpet:

  • Scrape off everything you can. Don`t leave excesses of the poo.
  • Examine the whole carpet, as well as the area nearby. There is a big chance for you to find another poo stain.
  • If the stain is old, consider whether it could be better to call professional carpet cleaners. Sometimes, dog poo stains get absorbed in the fiber so deeply that materials at hand and ordinary tools like vacuum cleaner, sponges and towels don`t work.

Here is what to do to deal with dog poo stain on a carpet

Now, continue to the actual poo stain cleaning process. Equip yourself with patience, because it might not work from the very first time. If so, repeat the procedure below once again.

  • Add 10 ml of dish washing soap in one gallon of water. Better, create the mixture in a big bowl or vessel.
  • Apply borax or white vinegar on the stain. Blot, damp and then rinse with water.
  • No rubbing is allowed. Fibers might absorb the grime and bacteria and eventually you will not be able to remove them.
  • Now wash the stain with the mixture from above.
  • To dry the perimeter, use vacuum cleaner.
  • You can also use the hair dryer in case of big wet zones.

What about the bad odor from the dog poo?

There`s such a chance for your carpet to continue smelling badly – even when the stain is gone. Dog poos can be nasty, when it comes to bad odor, but these tips might be useful for you to overcome it:

  • Air the premise as soon as possible.
  • Don`t leave the door open to spread the poop smell around the house
  • Prepare natural deodorizing solution with lemon juice or lavender oil
  • Use baking soda to get rid of the bad odour. Sprinkle the ammonia all over the carpet. Leave for 1 hour and then vacuum the baking soda.
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