How to Clean Your Carpets from Fleas?

how to clean your carpet from fleas

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Fleas can be a real disaster at home and for your pet. But what fleas love, though, is your domestic carpet. They fully enjoy hiding in it once they enter it. On the other side, once a single flea comes to your house, expect a huge invasion. One day you will just see them all over your property. What you can do is to call the pest control agency or to act smartly and immediately – on your own.

Here are our personal tips for your war against the fleas in your carpet.

The best methods to remove the fleas from the carpet

At first, know that if you have fleas in your carpet, it means that they are all over your house. This includes the mattresses, which is why you cannot sleep at nights during the last few weeks, the upholstery, furniture, curtains, clothes, and etc.

So before starting the killing procedure on your carpet, at first you need to clean the whole house and to determine the places where fleas are hiding. Here are the main things you need to do with your carpet to stop the flea invasion:

  • Use a steaming machine to kill and vacuum the fleas off. Unlike the vacuum cleaner that cannot fully eliminate the pests, the steamer can and does it effectively.
  • Apply commercial pesticides against fleas. In this case, leave the house for a few hours and do not let your kids or your pet to get closer to the carpet until you are 100% sure that the chemical threat is gone.
  • Try a natural way for pest control: by sprinkling borax or salt on the carpet and leave it like that for 2 days, the vacuum cleaner can actually eliminate the fleas.

Chase the fleas from your carpet away?

There is also a way to make fleas go away on their own. Actually, this is possible – especially if you try with smells fleas really dislike and will avoid once they smell it:

  • Spray some lemon juice all over the carpet. You will wash the carpet later, but don`t worry, the lemon juice acts as a natural deodorizer, so you will not ruin your beautiful rug.
  • Chase the fleas away by spraying white vinegar mixed with water. The vinegar smell, though, disappears fast, so you need to repeat the procedure several times per day.

How to make a trap for fleas near the carpet?

There is also one more opportunity for you to deal with the fleas – make a trap for them! Just fill a big vessel with water. Then, place it right on the wall and near the carpet. Install a lamp next to the vessel. At night, turn the light on, so the fleas will get attracted by it. They will, though, bump or fall in the water and will die fast.

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