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Suffering from hay fever and allergies, and looking for a place to stay away from allergens? Let SATSU Ltd. help you remove any pollen, dust mites, dirt and other allergens from your carpets and rugs. Improve the quality of the air at home by the company which has proven to be preferred and recommended by the residents of Hackney E2 and the area. You can get the best offer and information about current discounts for efficient, affordable, safe and 100% guaranteed cleanup quality by filling in the online booking order form or calling the customer support service at 020 3746 6887.

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Cleaning Methods Explained

Through the years of carpet cleaning, the company has cleaned all sorts of carpets, rugs and furniture, and has been striving to follow the latest tendencies for efficient, and yet safe and green cleaning methods and solutions. It offers different types of carpet cleaning depending on the specific types of carpets and the needs of the clients. Our carpet cleaning Hackney solutions are especially suitable for people with allergies, asthma, pets and small children.

Dry cleaning – it utilises no water and is thus safer to use for delicate silk, satin or other carpets which need extra care and are not water resistant. The cleaning technician applies a special dry foam or powder to the entire carpet and carefully yet efficiently scrubbed into the carpet and lets is set and do its cleaning job. After that, all of the foam or dust is thoroughly vacuumed off the carpet, leaving it looking bright and new.

Steam cleaning – it uses a machine which blasts steam from boiling water and a certified detergent into the carpet or rug in order to reach the deeply embedded dirt, dust, pollen, residue, mildew and bacteria. Needless to say, this carpet cleaning method gets rid of all the germs in your carpeting and ensures that the room and house have fresher and safer air after the cleaning is done. The carpets need to dry for about 3 hours after this procedure. A quick air dryer can be requested by the clients who want even faster almost immediate drying which reduces the risk of milder and mould developing.

More About Us

SATSU Ltd. was established back in 1994, and has been treating the carpets, rugs, upholstery, curtains and mattresses of the wonderful people of the London borough of Hackney E2 and the nearby areas. The reputable name of the company and the affordable fees has placed it among the leaders in the cleaning business.

Client Feedback

Ryan Johnson
“I am very happy with the price rates and the special discounts SATSU Ltd. offered me. The cleaning was fast, and when it was done, I was stunned to see my carpet look as good as new. I definitely recommend their service and will keep them in mind for next time!”

Jane Manson
“I have used the services of SATSU Ltd. for more than 3 years to do my spring deep cleaning of the carpets, upholstery and sofas in the house, and am extremely happy with the prices, the quality of the service and the reliability of the company. Very friendly staff too!”

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