How to clean oil stains out of your carpet?

how to clean oil stains

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Oily stains can really suck. They are always accidental and they are never simple to be removed. Moreover – when it comes to your carpet, it might be a little bit risky to use whatever we have at hand for cleansing. Even the best commercial cleaning product might be a threaten for a carpet – especially if it is 100% natural, delicate, decorative, antique or hand-knotted. Though, today`s recipes we`ve got for you are all risk-free for oily stain removal of a carpet. And no matter what it is made of, you can cleanse the grease with the remedies we are about to present you.

How to clean cooking grease from a carpet?

The first oily stain type a carpet can get is organic, aka made of any type of food that has been cooked with olive oil, for instance. Regardless the food oil type, the next cleaning procedure is ideal for you. Follow the steps and cleanse your carpet fast and on a budget:

  • Sprinkle a little bit of baking soda directly on the stain.
  • Wait for up to 15 minutes for the ammonia to absorb part of the grease
  • Vacuum on an average speed and power. If you use steam carpet machine, you can even skip the ammonia application
  • Now, prepare a homemade cleansing mixture of few drops of essential oil – better tea tree oil or lavender – a little bit of liquid dish soap and lukewarm water
  • By spraying or pouring out a little bit of the remedy cleanse the grease away
  • Don`t use a sponge or a brush, if the carpet is delicate or natural, but blot with a clean towel
  • Dry

Remove motor oil stains from carpet at fraction of the cost

You might thing that engine oil can be removed only with professional carpet cleaning services, you are wrong. You can use them if you have no time or nerves to deal with the stains, but the following procedure is as efficient as the expert detergents and cleaning tools:

  • Determine the type of your carpet. If it is delicate or natural, find a de-greaser from the store to pre-treat the stain
  • Otherwise, in case the carpet is manufactured or synthetic, simply scrub and blot with ordinary alcohol. Vodka is also ok
  • Whatever you use for de-greasing, leave the liquid (or the dry de-greasing product) to sit for half an hour
  • Now, vacuum the carpet gently
  • Apply few drops of liquid soap on a sponge. Start brushing gently and then pour a little bit of water
  • Dry properly

Greasy stains on a carpet should be better removed once they are made or observed. Otherwise, dry oil stains become harder to be eliminated. If so, you might really need professional services to clean the carpet. Contact your local cleaning provider to receive expert assistance.

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