How to clean your carpet edges?

how to clean carpet edges

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Wondering what are those dark edges on your carpet? Well, this is the dirt you usually forget to take under consideration, when you decide to clean the carpet! But just like it`s important to clean the floor beyond the carpet, it`s also important to reach those places – the dark corners. It`s not easy to clean your carpet edges, but with our specially tailored tips today you`ll be able to deal with this task as it is as easy as a childish game.

Clean the dark edges of the carpet step by step

It is important to follow all the steps, if you want to be 100% sure that your carpet is clean. The dust, the stains and the grime on the surface are fine and simple to be removed, but when it comes to dark corners, this is what you have to do:

  • Pre-treat the area by hoovering. It is important to start with the dust. Otherwise, it will get inside the fibers and if you are going to use any liquid detergents, the situation will become even worse.
  • Move all the furniture away. These dark edges are made due to the fact you don`t fully clean the carpet on a regular basis. And furniture moving is one of the reasons you are not doing it. So start!
  • Try with a commercial product against dark edges, but always ask if it is suitable for your personal carpet. Name the material and the age of the carpet and see if the shop-assistant can recommend you something specially for you and for your carpet.
  • You can also remove the dark carpet edges with materials at hand. Get your husband`s shaving cream, if the carpet is white or light. Apply from the cream and scrub with sponge. Wet the sponge several times till the shaving cream begins foaming and ready to remove the edges.

Tips to avoid dirty edges on carpets in future

Sometimes, when the dark edges on the carpet become too old or in case the carpet is very delicate, our procedure might not work with you. This is when you have to consider calling professionals to deal with this issue. However, know your lesson in future and see how to avoid those unpleasant dirty edges on the carpets:

  • Hover the carpets often
  • Make sure the dust does not get stuck at the edges of your carpet
  • Place carpets in the center of the room, which makes it easy to reach and clean it at a full value
  • Avoid placing furniture on the edges of the carpet
  • Eliminate the pet from your carpet, if it is luxurious and expensive

Follow our guides and forget about dark edges on carpet forever!

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