Reliable Carpet Cleaning Southwark SE1

Are you wondering whether your carpets really need professional cleaning even though you regularly vacuum them? Well, think again. People and pets bring in thousands of germs which mostly get stuck in the carpets. The norovirus and thousands of other harmful germs can survive for more than 4 weeks in your carpet. So, don’t hesitate and call us for its best price for the high-quality carpet cleaning Southwark services. We are also ready to take call from the entire Central London area. Call 020 3746 6887 to learn about the prices and conditions for receiving professional carpet, sofa, upholstery or mattress cleaning.proficient carpet cleaning southwark SE1

  • Cleans all kinds of stains and odour
  • Stain removal is included in the service fee
  • Prochem detergents and modern gear
  • Skilled and fully insured cleaners
  • No hidden charges
  • Discounts and promotions

Company Brief

We first began offering carpet cleaning to its clients in Soutwark SE1 back in 1994. Since then, the number of clients has been growing continuously. The company relies only on Prochem certified machines and solutions, and invests a lot of time and money into training its closely scrutinised personnel. The result is an excellent service and a constant influx of new bookings based on recommendations from happy customers.


We are specialized in providing thorough rug and carpet cleaning and can handle the cleaning of all types of carpets via dry and wet deep cleaning as well as stain treatment, deodorising and scotchguarding. But apart from cleaning carpets, SATSU Ltd. also offers high quality sofa, upholstery, mattress and curtain cleaning. It offers very attractive discounts for clients who book more than one cleaning service at a time.

Dry carpet cleaning
This cleaning approach is most suitable for finer carpets which can’t handle water. The dry cleaning is done by treating the carpet with safe dry foam or powder and then extracting it along with the dirt with a powerful vacuum cleaner.

Steam carpet cleaning
This method provides a very deep and thorough cleaning of the entire carpet, including the padding. The cleaning solutions used are absolutely safe and environmentally friendly, and can remove all dirt, residue, dust mites, bacteria and mildew. The steam cleaning process does require about 3 hours of drying time for the carpets, but upon request we can provide its equipment for quick drying.

Mattress cleaning
We can successfully extract a shocking amount of dust mites feeding on dead skin cells, bacteria, and other quite revolting residue from your mattress, which will ensure you are left with a much cleaner and healthier room and better sleeping conditions. The method and tools used are harmless for the health and are safe for the mattress.

Sofa & upholstery cleaning
We also offers high-quality sofa cleaning as well as upholstery and curtain cleaning to its customers. It can quickly and efficiently remove any ugly patches and stains from your sofa and your furniture, and will also clean them from all the accumulated dust and dirt. You will feel the air in the room getting fresher and cleaner right after the cleaning is done.

Quick Carpet Cleaning Southwark SE1 Appointments

You can easily book SATSU Ltd. by calling 020 3746 6887. The customer care service will make sure to sign you up for the most convenient booking slot available. The carpet cleaning Southwark technicians also work on weekends, after working hours as well as on bank holidays. If you prefer, the company can pick up and deliver back your key and clean your carpet, mattress, upholstery, sofa or curtains without you. Just call or make your booking online now!

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